Impact of Innovation on the Entrepreneurial Family Business in Wukari Metropolis


  • Musa, Leah PhD Federal University Wukari


Innovation, Family Business, Product Development, Product Quality.


The study examined effect of innovation on the success of family business in Wukari. The method
of data collection was through the use of questionnaires. The sample size for the study was 50
respondents which was the total population of management and staff of selected family businesses
in Wukari. The analytical technique for the research was through the use of descriptive statistics
and such as simple percentage to analyze the data Multiple regression was used. Findings from
the study revealed that product quality innovation, adoption of technology and new product
development all have a significant effect on success of family businesses. It was recommended that
family businesses in Wukari should improve on the quality of their goods and services so as to
enable them have a competitive advantage over another firm. Family businesses in Wukari should
make use of modern innovation such as surveillance cameras and barcode scanners so to reduce
losses, increase profits, present a reliable inventory, and sustain growth

Author Biography

Musa, Leah PhD, Federal University Wukari

Department of Business Administration




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